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Cannery Row
Welcome to Night Vale
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Michaela Töröková (Kníhkupec (BA Obchodná)) pridala recenziu ku knihe Cannery Row
Nedeľa, 05.08. 2018

Great book full of ambient descriptions. No deep story nor complex plot. Just a regular small town with various people who try their best, but it doesn´t always go as they plan to. :)

This book took me to a little town near the oceanside. I got to experience the lives of the citizens that struggle there with their daily tasks. The main characters are probably a bunch of homeless guys that decided to live in an abandoned cannery row and not worry about work. This doesn´t go on as planned because they need to eat something, right?
There is also this marine biologist that lives nearby....

Well anyways there wasn´t any deep story and there was no need for it neither. You just enjoyed the smell of the ocean and the fish while you were drinking some beer and watching the seagulls fight for some piece of bread.

Cannery Row
John Steinbeck · Vydavateľstvo: Penguin Books, 2017

Meet the gamblers, whores, drunks, bums and artists of Cannery Row in Monterey, California, during the Great Depression...

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Michaela Töröková (Kníhkupec (BA Obchodná)) pridala recenziu ku knihe The Dumb House
Nedeľa, 23.07. 2017

This isn´t a kind of book you want to tell your friends about. It took me long enough to get around finishing it, but in the end, it was worth the effort.
Since english isn´t my mother language it was quite a challenge to read it and keep pace with the meaning. Whoah! Sometimes I had even to stop there for a while and read that page again.

Warning: I wouldn´t recommend this book to children nor easily disturbed folks. There is gore, death, sexual themes and other various disturbing things and as a parent you wouldn ´t be exactly happy finding out that your 15 yo baby-girl is reading this.

It was a strange book and I am still not sure if it was completely crazy or horrible in its own beautiful way. Either way, it left me thinking a lot... Still can´t figure out if I liked it or nah..

The Dumb House
John Burnside · Vydavateľstvo: Vintage, 2015

In Persian myth, it is said that Akbar the Great built a palace which he filled with newborns, attended only by mutes, in order to learn whether language is innate or aquired. As the children grew into their silent and difficult world, ...

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Michaela Töröková (Kníhkupec (BA Obchodná)) pridala recenziu ku knihe Flowers for Algernon
Nedeľa, 16.07. 2017

I am ruined.
This is exactly that kind of emotional disaster I needed.. (Or did I? )

This book is about a retarded middle-aged guy named Charlie. He lives a very happy life with his IQ at 68 points. One day he was proposed to undergo a brain surgery to increase his intelligence. The surgery was a big success and he became a genius.
But with great intelligence comes great reaponsibility and he was not prepared for this.
Now he realises that world is not what he thought it was and people are not so great and kind.
His best (and only) friend is Algernon, a white lab mouse which had the same surgery and together they are trying to prove, that they are more than just bare experiments.

This book is written in form of Charlies diary from some months before the surgery, till...
You know what? Read it! You wont regret it, trust me. *me while crying*

Flowers for Algernon
Daniel Keyes · Vydavateľstvo: Gollancz, 2000

Charlie Gordon, IQ 68, is a floor sweeper, and the gentle butt of everyone's jokes, until an experiment in the enhancement of human intelligence turns him into a genius...

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Michaela Töröková (Kníhkupec (BA Obchodná)) pridala recenziu ku knihe Welcome to Night Vale
Nedeľa, 16.07. 2017

This book is so amazing and strange it left me up all night after I finished reading it. I can assume that people who are checking this book are fans of the podcast and so you should totally buy this book. Don't think or wait, really, this book is really as good as the podcast (minus Cecil's beautiful voice) and as you read through the story, there are parts of Cecil's show right in that moment on the radio, so you can imagine main characters listening to Cecil right away while you read. Stunning. Worth every cent.

Also there is some major plot in this book esential to the podcast canon story. Read it! Trust me.

Also if you never listened to the podcast, get ready for some illogical events, strange places and weird people. Don't think too hard about it, not everything has to make sense. ;-)

Welcome to Night Vale

From the creators of the #1 international hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale comes an imaginative mystery of appearances and disappearances that is also a poignant look at the ways in which we all struggle to find ourselves . . . no matter where we live...

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Michaela Töröková (Kníhkupec (BA Obchodná)) pridala recenziu ku knihe Poviedky o Rusku
Štvrtok, 27.04. 2017

Korupcia, naplánované vraždy, kúpené články v novinách a klamstvá... Znie to ako dystopický román z budúcnosti, ale opak je pravdou. Dmitry v sérií 16 poviedok opisuje svoju rodnú krajinu, a veru servítku si pred ústa nekladie.
Poviedky možno nie sú založené priamo na skutočnostiach, ale jednoznačne z nich čerpajú.
Dmitry nechal svet metra v budúcnosti a rozhodol sa nám ukázať ako súčasné Rusko naozaj funguje. Opäť raz sa mu podarilo ma zaujať svojím jedinečným spôsobom písania. Teším sa na ďalšie. :-)

Poviedky o Rusku
Dmitry Glukhovsky · Vydavateľstvo: Ikar, 2017

Čo je súčasné Rusko? Kto mu vládne? Akí sú jeho obyvatelia? Na tieto, ale aj iné otázky sa autor slávnej série o moskovskom metre Dmitry Glukhovsky usiluje odpovedať čitateľovi, a to v prekvapujúcej polohe...

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S knihami je to ako s ľuďmi: len veľmi malý počet niečo znamená a zvyšok sa stráca v množstve. (Voltaire)
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